Adjustable Dashboards

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #1

Dashboard layouts are pre-determined by the app creator, but are now also adjustable by the app user (thanks to @morgan!), allowing users to customize the content of dashboard views when viewing as a ‘web app’ in their browser.

These customizations are remembered, letting users form optimal dashboard arrangements specific to their screen size.

To create a dashboard view, first create a few independent view types, then create a ‘Dashboard View’ and select the other views to be consolidated within the dashboard.

Enable ‘Interactive Mode’ if the data in each view is related, and the dashboard content will change dynamically as data points are selected.

Interactive Dashboard
(Zach McNaughtan) #2

I don’t see this in any of my apps how do I enable it?

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #3

@Zach_McNaughtan1 I think the rollout is still occurring, you should see this available before the end of the week. Thanks!

(Zach McNaughtan) #4

@Peter Peter the dashboards and data analytics side of app sheet is honestly my favorite. Could we get some more chart types like a combo chart with bars and line? also is it possible to have a key figure chart. That is just one big number that could be summarized by a formula avg, sum, count, max, min etc.


Hi @Zach_McNaughtan1 Maybe you could add that to “Feature Requests”

(Zach McNaughtan) #6

haha I have just plugging it anywhere I can :slight_smile:

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(Steve Langert) #7

Nice job. LOVE IT!

(Benoit Gramond) #8

Thanks a lot for this amazing improvement! So nice!

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(Grant Stead) #9

Improvements to the UX make the app builders life so much easier on the end…

(Mtm Group) #10

Is this function already on ? adjusting tables on dashboard? :thinking:

(Rousseau Etienne) #11

Great feature

Thanks to the team


Terrific Feature!

(Multi Tech Visions) #13

Still not seeing it yet…

(Felix J) #14

This is the best feature for Dashboard. The current feature of arranging the views in a dashboard is too complex to even understand.

When you click the top “Box” button, it reverts to the original dashboard (set in the app settings) - Is there a way to make the customized layout of the dashboard as permanent, instead of customizing the layout of the dashboard every time?

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #15

@Felix_J the user-set customizations made to the dashboard view will be saved for that users’ device, so it doesn’t need to be customized each time. The layout will vary dramatically based on the size and shape of each users’ device screen, so there’s no way to specifically customize a default layout for every user, but by using the standard Dashboard view settings (tall, wide, small, etc.) and order, you can predetermine the general layout.

(Felix J) #16

Unfortunately, that’s not my case.
I have opened my app in the browser,customized the layout of my dashboard and when I click the “Box” icon on the top, it reverts to the original Dashboard layout

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #17

Ah, yes, clicking that grid icon will revert the layout back to the default arrangement (as set in the Dashboard view settings). Any customizations added by the end app user should be retained any time the app is revisited from that device, but if you’re having trouble getting that to work, let me know! Thanks.

(Felix J) #18

If I refresh the webpage, it doesn’t retain the customized layout.
Is there a way to save these customized layout as permanent?

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #19

Like I mentioned, it should save automatically. If you can send a private message with the app you’re seeing this occur with, along with your browser type/version, that would be helpful to know. Thanks!

(Trade Speed Uk Ltd) #20

Why, when I expand the dashboard box, does the data not fill the whole box? It just puts a scroll bar on, and only shows the top two data entries. :frowning: