Allow user to choose which columns will be shown in Table View?

A table have many optional fields to be filled by user. By using “Show If” I made it possible for user to select which fields he want to input and hide all other fields from Form View. But then, can I dynamically hide fields, that user selected to be not shown, from the Table View? If there’s no way to achieve this, any suggestions?
If I had only couple optional fields, I could just use couple extra Table Views to switch between them, but I have 10+ optional fields for this table.
P. S. One more question: “Quick Edit mode” for Table View allows to edit records, but there’s no way to add new record (new row) from Table View, correct?
Thank you!

Nope. :frowning: The brute-force workaround is to have a view configured for every possible combination of columns, then display the view that corresponds to the user’s preference. That would be horrific to implement and maintain, though.



That’s what I thought, just wanted to make sure. Thank you, Steve!
I hope AppSheet will give us more control over the interface / more flexibility in the future.