Alternative for customer viewing of job photos given no dynamic folder paths?


In the transition from a Google Sheets based CRM to AppSheet there have been a lot of great strides forward but with photos I’m a bit stuck about how to proceed.

Each job has around 10-30 job photos and we currently process these on the laptop and drag them into a pre-made Drive Folder, the link for which, via a GAS script, is shared with the customer in an email.

But since there’s no way to in AppScript to create a custom folder path (i.e. for each customer), all photos from every job are going to be in the same folder. I need to figure out how to set things up so a customer gets a link for them to see their job photos only.

I don’t have any significant experience in doing online stuff that may be needed here. With random names (generated by AppSheet), I can’t filter by file name in some sort of webapp.

I’m out of my league! Any thoughts? I’m fine with some Google Apps Script like a GAS WebApp. I can learn what’s necessary, just no idea which avenue to pursue. Hopefully something simpler.

Thank you!


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Thanks but I’m pretty sure, from testing, and a post from a year ago, that it only accepts a static path like “Job Images/”

Trying to create a dynamic path so it’s different for each job like this:
“Job Images/” & [Street] & [Suburb]

…doesn’t seem to work. It just reads the first text string and from what I’ve tried and read there’s no work around.

A lot can happen in a year. Sure seems like it works to me:



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Oh man am I happy to be proven wrong! Thank you. Sorry to have bothered you about this - it turns out that the app wasn’t saving due to having a later numbered version saved in another window. Lesson learnt.

And thank you AppSheet team for getting this in place.