App Component Reuse Solution

Grant, are they still talking or has there been some progress made?

Talk, as far as I can tell…

At least the votes are slowly increasing !

This is an epic post and fantastic work - obviously!

My only addition is a vote, but also to implore the AppSheet team to aim for small improvements in this direction at a time (if they are indeed listening to this topic)…

The idea of re-using an app sub-set of tables, actions etc, is amazing; and described simply and clearly at the pseudo-level. I’m certain however that it is an immensely challenging task at the ‘under-the-hood / code’ level.

The related request to be simply able to copy a table definition from one app to another where by the table source is the identical database table (or sheet!) is an example small step in this direction; would generate huge efficiencies in building apps and not having to re-build the same thing over and over again (albeit such requirement does provide an opportunity to build it better each time!!).

We are currently building a multi-tenant, multi-app platform, and while AppSheet is great for prototyping changes quickly, the repeat work is subtracting in a big way!

Go well everyone, and keep safe.

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@Ed_Cottrell Thanks for your excellent comments.

In terms of implementation complexity, the solution I propose requires only changes to the App Editor, mainly for the Tag, the Export and the Import functionalities, but no changes to the interpreter runtime.