Introducing A New Resource: In-App Guides

Hey everyone.

Over the past few months I’ve been working on building a system to deliver a new type of resource for the community, one that would give people step-by-step guides on how to implement specific functionalities in their apps. Things like:

  • How to delete child records with parent records
  • How to use Gravatars
  • Quickly implementing an avatar builder
  • How to turn on/off quick edits using actions
  • and more…

What sets these resources apart is the fact that they are presented directly inside the AppSheet editor - right in the app preview! Yes you heard right.

I call them “In-App Guides”

I call them “in-app” because, well… they’re presented inside the app preview. (It’s a guide, inside your app… In-App Guides) There are some unique advantages to providing guides inside the app preview, interactivity being one of them. :nerd_face:

Learn more here:


The following guides were published and made public on 4/1/2020:

  • Avatar Builder
    • This guide shows how to quickly implement the avatar builder first introduced to the community by Tsuji Koichi
  • How To Import Gravatars Automatically
    • This guide shows how to pull the Gravatar for an email
  • RoboHash Images
    • This guide shows how you can use the RoboHash service to pull in temporary images as stand-ins (including monsters, robots, kittens, etc.)
  • Add GeoFencing
    • This guide shows how to add GeoFencing to your app
  • Trigger Workflow Manually
    • This guide shows how to trigger a workflow with the push of an action button
  • Force A Sync
    • This guide shows how to use an action to force your app to sync
  • Creating Action Based Alerts
    • This guide shows how to use actions to create a pop up alert message
  • Changing Default App Folder
    • This guide shows how to change/update the default app folder for your app
  • Delete Child Records with Parent Delete
    • This guide shows how to use actions and workflows to delete all the related records when a parent record is deleted
  • Using UnSplash for Images
    • This guide shows how to use the UnSplash service to pull in related images
  • Party Parrot
    • Nuff said
  • Update Row App Formulas
    • This guide shows how to quickly cause all the app formulas for a row to recalculate
  • Update Related Records From Parent Update
    • This guide shows how to cause all the related records to update when the parent record is updated
  • App Update Feature
    • This guide shows how to use the app update feature to update your app
  • Action Controlled Quick Edits
    • This guide shows how use actions to control which columns can be edited via the quickedit system on detail views.


Hey Matt,
Awesome works, I just understand why you have been quiet on the community for the last weeks or so!
I want to access to the site of
but 504 errors is returned, I assume you still working on it to alter the site.

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No @tsuji_koichi that’s a live post that should be accessible.

I was just able to access it in an incognito window - maybe try again?

Try this:

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Gotcha, Matt!

yes, I managed to access to the site on incognito window on the Chrome. Now looking deep inside!

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That’s pretty neat!
Party Parrot FTW

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partyparrot (Appsheet)

Pretty cool Matt, great work!

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Hi Matt,

I am sure it will be very handy reference to all the app creators. Thank you very much.


Hello Matt,

Thank you for sharing. I am benefiting very much from your sample app Signature Copy Action.
I have a similar question to updating data but this time i need to update parent records status from child record.

I built a sales tracking app. I am updating purchase order parent record and child records are updated as in your app. But for some child records i do inspection and some of child lines has status inspection and some has delivered. Parent record has status awaiting delivery. So my question, when i complete inspection i set automatically child record status delivered as well. How can i update parent record delivered once all child records have status delivered?

Thank you very much


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Thanks Matt… Works great… Loving it… :slight_smile:

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thank you everything works fine now!

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Glad to hear! (^_^)

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Awesome work, @MultiTech_Visions!

The ‘auto-table’ setup on its own is pretty cool, but the way you’ve combined it with show-columns to make an app-guide out of a form view is brilliant!

You really don’t have to do anything besides import the table. I was pretty surprised when I clicked the (+) on the first form and there was formatting, images, multiple pages… just awesome!


Awesome work @MultiTech_Visions, congrats bud!

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Thank you @GreenFlux , and you too @LeventK! (^_^)

I’ve been occupied lately with other projects, but I intend on releasing another round of guides here in the next month or so.

Let me know what guides you would like to see next.