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Hi everyone!

I’ve just started making Apps with Appshet.

I was looking at community posts, but couldn’t find something related.

Is there any way that I can use my company domain (i.e. instead domain when the app sends email?


I know that you can change the email that displays, the name that displays, and the email that replies go to but I don’t believe you can fully hide the

Thanks Austin for your quick answer.

Yes, I’ve changed the From Display Field, but as some of the recipients are customers, our concern is that maybe they can take those email as suspect, as they don’t include our company domain.

I was expecting that maybe we could “wrap” the appshet domain and use ours.

Thanks again for your answer

Currently, there is no way to wrap the domain. To do this, AppSheet would need to implement a system to verify a domain through DNS records. Maybe we can expect this down the road.

Depending on how big of an issue this is for you, you could build your own email masking/forwarding setup. For example, you could use Amazon SES:

Personally, this seems like a lot of effort and added complexity just to mask the @appsheet domain. Depending on email volume, it may also cost some money to use the SES service.

Maybe make a feature request for custom email domains / DNS integration.

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This clarify a lot for me.

I’ll check the info.

Thanks Jonathon and Austin!.

Have a nice day

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