AppSheet Acquired by Google Cloud

Hello, I am currently an active user of Gsuite business and Appmaker in Mexico. After a week of research I’m convinced now that AppSheet could be a tool equally or even more powerful than Appmaker. However we as a company have already made a significative investment in Appmaker.

Recently I saw in the latest AppSheet webinar that there will be an option of AppSheet pro at no charge to Gsuite users, but I still don’t know how to apply for this. I would like some guidance in this process since it’s still not all clear, at least to me.

Bienvenue Stéphane. Tu te rendras vite compte de l’énorme potentiel de la plateforme Appsheet.

Hi Stéphane, welcome and thanks for considering AppSheet. Most likely AppSheet will not support everything you did with AppMaker, and it will be weaker in some ways. But also, it will do some things differently and some things better.

Q1: You will find that the AppSheet apps use material design for action icons. You should be able to link to a Google Calendar. We currently do not incorporate snackbars, but probably will down the road. Unlike many traditional products, we do not schedule a long-term roadmap and do lengthy releases. Instead, we deploy everyday and while our broad direction is set, the specific priorities and incremental features depend on active customer demand.

Q2: There isn’t a specific French community. We have a single AppSheet community and because of the great ability to do auto-translate, we have sucessfully engaged with customers from around the world in one single place.

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Hi @Karim_Mena, as posted in other threads and in the App Maker forum, please send an email to and someone will help you (most likely, Ginny from our sales team — she is terrific and very knowledgeable)


I am
very proud that the CEO of AppSheet sends a personal message to a little
Frenchman :blush: and moreover in Seattle right now it’s the night
and you should sleep and rest (I think Google still needs you to keep evolving with

it will be weaker in some ways.

with AppMaker having access to Javascript code on the client and server side I
was able to solve all the complicated functionality requested

some things better.

Yes I
have for example seen that AppSheet can make drop down lists with filters,
something that I developed myself because it does not exist on Appmaker. Switching
from page to page is much easier with Appsheet on Appmaker very complicated
with passing parameters in pages and url

You will find that the AppSheet apps use material design for action icons.

good news

currently do not incorporate snackbars, but probably will down the road

I hope
you would surely and not probably

we deploy everyday

it’s the best way to get satisfied customers. I’ve invented a software that is
used worldwide only by very large companies. At the beginning I made very small
releases very regularly and the bugs were quickly identified and corrected. Then my customers became more
and asked me to make versions because they were not happy that I made the
software evolve without warning and therefore now I make 4 releases per year
and this generates a lot of bug and customer dissatisfaction (because there are
a lot of modifications between each version), some customers do not request the
release and suddenly I have several versions of the same software to manage it
becomes very complicated. Above all, don’t make the same mistake as I did and
in your contract with the big companies, you indicate that they automatically
receive the latest version. the best is not to speak of version.

features depend on active customer demand.

I do the same and they have good ideas. I’m
going to work on AppSheet a bit now, I’m just starting to find out and I’ll
send you my list of new features. on all customer ideas there is always a small percentage
that are excellent

isn’t a specific French community

Can I
open a topic asking if there are French. For example during the Google summit
event in Paris in June I was able to speak with someone from Véolia company who
gave me the email of the person responsible for all AppMaker developments at
their office and I managed to Meet him and we have lunch several times together
(I am in Paris) I think it is very important to see each other physically and
it was very enriching for both of us. Regarding the software that I created, I continue
to go to the customers to discuss, they are very happy and I always get
information that they tell me but that does not tell the sales people

started to look at AppSheet and I find it very simple and very well explained,
I think it will take me less time to understand it than AppMaker (I took a year
before I can make real applications with a lot of features, AppMaker is great
if we only use the standard without adding a line of javascript, but in reality
the applications requested by customers there is always complexity).

moving slowly because I can only work on AppSheet during evenings and weekends.
During the week I also have to take care of my software.

See you


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Merci Stephane pour votre commitment a Appsheet et votre feedback detaille.

“I am very proud that the CEO of AppSheet sends a personal message to a little
Frenchman :blush: and moreover in Seattle right now it’s the night
and you should sleep and rest”
C’est ce qu’on n’arrete pas de lui dire :slight_smile:

Plus serieusement, rien ne vous empeche de demarrer un thread en Francais car vous etes un certain nombre de Francais passionnes de Appsheet. Nous sommes 3 francais dans l’equipe d’Appsheet a Seattle. @William qui lead le Sales team, @Arthur_Rallu notre TPM, et moi meme (@TDhers) qui lead l’equipe ingenierie. Donc on sera content d’engager avec la communaute Francaise ici… en Anglais, en Francais… et qui sait un jour vous rencontrer en personne lors d’un evenement Google Appsheet, qui sait…

Ça me fait toujours très plaisir de voir le nombre de français qui utilisent AppSheet (et il y en a pas mal). @Stephane_Liema, n’hésitez pas à créer un topic pour trouver d’autres francophone!

Love it!

Dear Community.
This is a recent webinar with TIPS and TRICKS about how to approach the transition from AppMaker to AppSheet.


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Hi everyone!

Please see this post for additional reference material on moving to AppSheet

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I know this is somewhat off topic, but since the issue of multilingual communities has come up, I’d like to respond.

I know that @tsuji_koichi is interested in, and has already begun work on a project to spread the word about AppSheet among Japanese users in Japanese. I’ve been reading posts in the AppSheet community for several years and @tsuji_koichi is the only poster I know of whose native language is Japanese (sorry if I’ve forgotten someone). There are probably two reasons that the Japanese representation on this community is so sparse: linguistic and cultural. Linguistically, Google translate isn’t always successful in translating Japanese to English. Nouns are frequently omitted in Japanese and the translations of such abbreviated sentences are often unintelligible . . . and sometime hilarious. Yet, the cultural barrier is probably more important. In part because Japanese people study English in school (they feel that they should to be able to post in English), and because they tend to assume that the Japanese language is completely unintelligible to anyone who isn’t Japanese, I think that it wouldn’t even occur to most Japanese people to post an inquiry here in Japanese.

I don’t know about France and other European countries, but I think that if AppSheet is to become successful in Japan, it will probably be necessary to have some sort of community (even if it is not formally sanctioned by AppSheet) where people can chat about the platform in Japanese with people who can understand them directly in Japanese . . . perhaps some sort of ancillary room for Japanese-language users.

So much for my two yen about language communities. French is linguistically closer to English than Japanese but, nonetheless, I wonder if @Stephane_Liema, @TDhers, or @William have any thoughts about this topic.

P.S. Since this thread is already really long, perhaps I should start a new one about language communities? I will do so if there is interest in such a thread.

One more point: In order to read the French that has been posted here, I had to copy it and then paste it into Google translate. Facebook makes translations such a click away. Am I missing something or do we indeed need to copy and paste posts in languages we can’t read?

Yes after thinking, i’m agree with you, it is better for this place to be only in English (to avoid to use Google translate). I’m sorry to disturb the process.

in fact my wish is to meet French users. Some of my questions are difficult to explain and long to be written in English.

once more excuse me.


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Thank you! I didn’t mean that your posting in French is a problem. I hope you will continue to feel free to post in French. I only meant that, in addition to this forum, it might be nice for speakers of different languages to have venues where they don’t need to communicate via Google translate.

Thanks again for posting and please continue to post in any language you like! :slight_smile:

P.S. I used Google translate a couple of times today to respond to posts in Spanish – another language I don’t know, unfortunately. :sweat_smile:

@TDhers @William @Stephane_Liema

Toujours un plaisir de voir la communauté française s’agrandir !!!

Je vais continuer en anglais pour un partage généralisé.

I will start by the end,

I do think we must keep the community united with one language.
Splitting in specific language topics will restrict the spread of idea, help, experiences, good tips, etc…

For sure the language barrier can block some users.

First having a nationality tag on our name can truly help.

Second for prolonging this idea, with the points system implemented in the forum, it will be easy to identify an “Expert or a Referrer” by nationality, kind of a Grade. [of course on a voluntary basis]

Third, an idea i have for years but i never succeed in finding all french community, is creating special lobby in software like Discord. [voice room, Specific channel, etc…]
[Official or unofficial ]

@Stephane_Liema :

I’m part of a subsidiary company of Véolia Group,

Your contact in Véolia know for sure the other peoples involved with Appsheet development app.
Appsheet is highly used in the transportation and exploitation division.

I use Appsheet for all my projects since nearly 3 years.

I would love to help you with your problematics, don’t hesitate to ask me, privately or by creating a topics and tagging me.



Thanks! By the way, to answer my own question, if one uses the Google chrome browser, one can access Google translate instantly without copying and pasting. I had forgotten about that.

So, perhaps one, multilingual forum is good after all . . . and I agree that we should have the capability of adding searchable information about languages that we speak or read to our profiles. Currently, I don’t think that is possible. Any thoughts @Peter? I know you are interested in the quality and management of interaction in this community.

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 22.39.24

Perhaps with the coming integrations with GCP, they’ll make the community auto-translate itself; giving us some way to specify our native language or something.

I mean… AppSheet is right where all that happens now. :nerd_face:

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My contact at Veolia is J. Dessalines and he does not know AppSheet at all.

Before investing time in AppSheet (which I think is great, i know this product since last week ) I need to reassure myself (I just spent 2 years using AppMaker and now it’s finished) and it would have been my pleasure to exchange on the phone with you. I am available this week every evening between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Paris time.

Are you okay with that? I pass you my tel, how do we do it?

I vote for you to reffer it.


Hi @Stephane_Liema — we (both AppSheet and Google independently and now together) work closely with Veolia. Could you please send email with details to my colleague William He has the Veolia context and will help you (and he speaks French :])



I’m sure Mr J.Dessalines will rapidly have to deal with AppSheet since of the nature of its job.

In the view of the inherent nature of no-code tools, their use is done without necessarily the approval of the IT department.

I do think since there’s still not a real “NO-CODE POLITIC” in companies, most AppSheet users started just by experiencing so it’s hard to find them inside big companies.

Anyway, sorry for the quick digression.

Sure, we can exchange, your schedule seems to match mine too.

Just click on my name, you will see an option for message [private] (send me you phone)

As Mr Praveen said, Don’t hesitate to reach @William he is really great and easy to talk to.

Look forward to our exchange,



Hello @praveen

Congratulations on the acquisition!

We are (and have been) customers of G Suite, Google Cloud (App Engine, Cloud SQL) and AppSheet. We were disappointed when database access was removed from the Pro plan and, since then, we have been evaluating other solutions.

We see that existing App Maker customers are being transitioned to a PRO plan that includes Cloud SQL access. Could you please extend this to all current AppSheet PRO plan customers that are also currently G Suite or Google Cloud customers?

Thank you!