Appsheet mapping inaccuracy? Appsheet map is...

(Dialect Junk) #1

Appsheet mapping inaccuracy?

Appsheet map is showing some addresses in wrong locations. Image on left is Appsheet map. The pin is where the address is popping up. Red “X” where it should be.

Image on right is same address but on google maps. That’s correct location. Both addresses entered the same.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Dialect_Junk Hi, is the location of the map pin in the app based on an address, or is it based on lat long coordinates captured using an app expression?

If it’s the latter case, it’s possible that the location was wrongly captured. For instance, the location was captured while the device had yet to arrive at the intended location. Or the device’s GPS was not accurate enough to capture the correct lat long coordinates. Also, please keep in mind that it’s not possible for AppSheet to dynamically update lat long data as the app user moves around.

Alternatively, if the incorrect pin comes from an address, it’s possible that there’s a problem in the way the address is processed. If this is the case, please give us the following information so that we can investigate further:

1/ The exact address value used in the app

2/ The name of the app, as well as the names of the table and column that store the address

3/ The name of the map view

4/ Your account ID

(Dialect Junk) #3

@Harry The location is based off of an address, not lat long.

1/ Address is 329 Foreside Road, Falmouth, Maine 04105

2/ Name of app is “Snow Plow Routes.” Table is called “Customers.” Column name is called “Address.”

3/ I have 2 map views that use maps: ‘Customer Info’ and ‘Edit Customer Info.’

4/ App ID: c27fa49c-c6e4-48fb-ac03-3668cd1cc75b

There are approximately 5-6 addresses showing incorrectly. Thank you.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

What mechanism is being used for geocoding? can you check your app behavior settings to see if high-accuracy geocoding is enabled? @Adam_Stone_AppSheet FYI

(Dialect Junk) #5

@praveen I just enabled high-accuracy geocoding and tested with 2 of the problematic addresses. Also displayed incorrectly.