Appsheet style "State Management System" to hold the value of "variable" and consume for actions and worflow

These tips and tricks could be reused in various places and purposes within Appsheet by twisting a trick a bit. Currently, we are not able to temporarily hold so-called “variable” value, which is adhere to the particular log-in user only.

This has been discussed and solved the problem in the post where you can find the originals through the link below.

On this trick, we capture any “variable” you can to capture and temporarily store within App as physical data (clearing cache from browser wont affect) and use those variable to pass to the actions and workflow.

This is similar concept in terms of holding user tables to store the data attached to each log in user, but slighly different as well.

In the original post, App want to capture the value of “Enum list” by users choice. And store the a enum values as variable and then pass the same to workflow/actions.

Sample app is here .



Koichi-san, thanks for sharing your knowledge, as always…

More than welcome.
and thanks for reading carefully and with interest.

Definitely this was a great contribution, @tsuji_koichi :ok_hand:

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