Are there any plans in the future to add supp...

(Mattis Brandsøy) #1

Are there any plans in the future to add support for running appsheet apps through say Safari in fullscreen ? (add website/app to homescreen)

Or will adding destroy UI/menu navigation somehow

I am noticing lately that app preformance and animations are much more fluid in safari (iOS) than running apps through the appsheet app

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

+mattis brandsøy Hi Mattis, AppSheet apps should run in Safari. Or are you asking about embedding an in a website that will be opened in Safari? Could you elaborate please?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #3

@Dinh_Nguyen_Nguyen I belive our member is asking for running an AppSheet app with a mobile browser in full screen mode rather than running it thru the AppSheet app itself. I believe provided he adds the app URL as a safari shortcut, it might be possible. I’m just not sure about the full screen (assuming he is meaning running it without browser menu bar)

(Mattis Brandsøy) #4

If I run the app on iOS using the “Browser link” ( it runs as a webpage in safari.

But if you include (probably include it in your tag) the browser URL text field and the button bar at the bottom will be hidden. Of course you first have to “Add the webpage to your home screen”

Then appsheet apps could run on mobile more like PWA (Progressive web app) without using the Appsheet ios app

Just wondering if this is something you are considering :wink: ? Devs would not have to develop one app for Android and one for iOS

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #5

+mattis brandsøy @Levent_KULACOGLU I think I understand the problem now. It’s actually a very good suggestion, as running the app in Safari does improve its animation. We will take this into consideration, but I can’t give you a concrete timeline right now.