Automating manual processes faster with AppSheet Automation

Super excited to announce the early access version of AppSheet Automation, no-code, intent aware process automation platform for automating your business processes.

Early Access release available for testing in early Q1 2021


@Martin_Pace and @Micah_Cole
Fun things are coming!

We’ve signed up, but please feel free to add our entire domain!


Signed up via the form but…

You can’t choose a address despite that being the email for one of my Appsheet accounts

There’s a typo of “United Kindgom” which seems to be invalid as well. So I’m a temporarty American for now :shushing_face:


In fact scrap that… I cant get the form to submit at all.

Sign me up via

Will look into it.

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Noted. We are still a few weeks away from enabling these features, but aggregating a wait list for now.

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Sign me up

Sounds super exciting!

Looks like we are able to build up process automation set ups, like Zap or other automation service, within appsheet as a platform!!!

On this sample demo, Salesforce was used. I hope there would be other native connectors for external services available as well.

Another new integration with Apigee would get involved in this Appsheet Automation? If so, it would make sense.

It might be bit too early stage you mention to the subscription stuffs.

In terms of apigee integration, app creators needs business subscription.

What about this Appsheet new Automation Process feature? Can be used by pro plan and over ?

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Looks great… I’ve signed up via the link… Many thanks… :slight_smile:

Process automation sounds superb ! but will this be available for self service plans (pro /premium)
as we dont need business plans for our small team.

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now this looks amazing, in love with your innovations :heart_eyes:

Ohhhhhh… I like I like I like!

I hope this will make design and debugging And documenting the application easier?

Also I could see some potential in a variation or enhancement of the feature to show end users where they are in the overall process of the application a bit like watching where you are on a subway map while being in the train.

Register me too

In the works :slight_smile:

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Yes, once you have more than 10 actions and as many views in an application it’s exponentially taking more mental energy and concentration to a point it’s discouraging to enhance it further at times. Managing the development of an application with a process centric orientation, as one of a mix of methods, will go a long way to restoring the appeal of enhancing the application further.

As someone that creates bots using UiPath and the likes how set are y’all on that name? Not really a bot more of an automatic workflow 2.0 to me, from the video it literally looks like just an extended workflow combined into one new thing. Takes the actual coding work out of making a longer workflow which is great none the less.
Don’t know if my whole domain will want to sign up by I sure did

Thats one of the design goals @aucforum, a unified platform for apps and automations. Workflow rules worked great for what they were designed for - which is execute a sequence of actions in the background. Many customers have been asking for first class support for processes both system and human centric. So here we are, more to come.

Thanks @Austin_Lambeth workflow 2.0 for now, more interesting feature additions on the way. At the minimum it provides a designer to model your process, increased grammar - branching, wait/state and more importantly support for external events. For eg: kick off this process when a new order object is created in Salesforce - more on the “bot” front in coming months.

If I could get registered I’d love to play with it and debug.