Background Variable Table

There are many times when I would love the ability to store a temporary variable somewhere for use during a specific process - like running a report, filtering data using an in-app filtering system, changing a ref connection for a group of records from one parent to another (migrating records), etc.

Currently their are two methods to accomplish something like this:

  1. UserSettings
  2. Create a table/use a column

Method #1

The problem with the first is that any changes to UserSettings requires a re-sync of the app - so for any process that needs to be speedy, this is a no-go.

Method #2

The problem with the second is that you now have an abundance of sync-calls being made to the server: one to set the variable, one to clear it, and possibly another for each alteration.

All of these syncs don’t need to be saved, don’t need to be pushed to the cloud - they’re only for use inside the app that’s using them - in fact everything will be reset to blank once the process is complete.

What I really need is another table that’s similar to the UserSettings - in the way that it’s a table that lives on the device with no corresponding cloud equivalent - but that doesn’t require a re-sync whenever changes are made to it, and one that we can update using Actions.

As always, thanks for considering!

@MultiTech_Visions Thank you for that post Matt. That’s exactly what I also need.


I agree with @MultiTech_Visions on this one. I think it would actually result in a big saving of backend time. Also in somecases we wouldn’t need to create virtual columns at all


I love this idea too!