Barcode and QR-code scanning on the AppSheet iOS app

Earlier this year, we updated our barcode and QR-code scanning capability in AppSheet apps on Android devices.

The recent versions (14+) of the AppSheet app for iOS devices now also update that capability. Similar to what happened on Android devices, the scanning has a slightly different user interface and experience. The scan success indicator is available starting with version 14.4. It signals to users that a barcode was successfully scanned. The focus mode is temporarily unavailable and will come at a later time.

Please reach out to me if you encounter any issues.

As a reminder, barcode and QR-code scanning is not supported in the Starter plan. However, whatever plan your account is on, you can always experiment with scanning on prototype apps.

Thank you everyone and in particular to those of you who helped us by testing the capability and sending us feedback.

-The AppSheet Team


is it still working on iphone 6 ?

Kodi nox

Hi @ganthercage
Based on the feedback we got, we know users with devices going back to the iPhone 7 have been able to use it. We have also tested ourselves the feature on iPhone SE (1st generation, 2016) and iPhone 6s.

If you’re experiencing issues, can you contact support via Login - AppSheet and let us know about it. We will need some more info though, like the version of iOS you are running, the barcode you are trying to scan (a picture of it) and a description of what you are seeing when trying to scan.


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