Behavior, Action, Compose Email (adding title+[column])

Behavior, Action, Compose Email (adding title+[column])

I’m trying to make my compose email Body say this

Detail Description: + [value of this column].

Detail Description: Printer is Down and i need help

So far i can get it to present the value of the column but i want to put a title on it .
For example of tags Title: <<field 1>> = Title: Im the Title of the tag field

You coud try the CONCATENATE() based expression with line breaks to present even more fields with their respective headings in the following format

CONCATENATE("Detail Description: “, [Detail Description],”,
","Column 2 Heading: “, [Column 2],”,
","Column 3 Heading: ", [Column 3])

only for one field , it will be something like below

CONCATENATE("Detail Description: ", [Detail Description])

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Thank You so much…

Public Works Crew Says Thanks as well

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You are welcome and good to know it works as per your requirement.