Better Checkbox function

I’d like to request a better or easier way to set up check boxes. Perhaps make it some option you can select when creating a Yes/No type column in a table. As of now the following link shows the only way I’ve found to make checkboxes, and it seems very convoluted for such a simple and useful function:

Totally agree! That’s a lot fo setup for something that should a built-in option.

There’s a similar request here, although it’s for custom Text on Y/N columns.


Thanks for looking at and quoting my checkbox work around. I agree that it would be better to have a simpler function. :slight_smile:

By the way, it’s been about 4 years or so since Google sheets got a checkbox function, hasn’t it? Now that AppSheet is is part of Google, the presence of that function in Google sheets might be another rationale for a similarly easy to implement checkbox on this platform.


A real world example:

The AppSheet form requires significantly more scrolling for the same amount of information… :frowning:


Yep, I made my dad an app to rate stocks based on factors, but the biggest reason he is not currently using it is the excessive scrolling.

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And, the one on the left is aesthetically much more pleasing.


Agreed. I’m making my first App with Appsheet and pretty impressed with it so far, I’m happy with I what can accomplish, but the user experience design could use a bit of an upgrade…


One Workaround is using Quick Edit in Detail View.


Here is the difference between Form view and Detail View with the Yes/No column as Quick Edit.


Hi @Fabian!
Your workaround looks very nice – and different from the on-off toggle images for actions I know of in AppSheet:

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 16.29.53

Any secret?


Hi @Kirk_Masden this is just the normal behavior when you set a Yes/No column to Quick Edit in a Detail View.

Perhaps this wasn’t documented / communicated very well.
@JCadence @Peter @Steve @Aleksi


Thanks! After I asked my question, it occurred to me that that might be the case. Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll look into implementing this in my app. I prefer this appearance to what I already have. Still, it would be nice if the appearance could be invoked “manually” via icons as well.

Hi @Kirk_Masden

This should not be the best and perfect solutions with you, but the appraoch with “toggling inline action” may give you another possible UI/UX for yes/no type data field. I m sure you did consider and try it out but it looks like ; -

Technially same as quick edit on detail view, but the appearance is bit different. Just for your guidance, sir.


Thanks @tsuji_koichi! That looks like what I wrote about here, but with different icons:

Is that right?

What you have done looks very nice. I think the icons are those that I showed a few posts above, but blue rather than black.

It would also be cool to do that with icons that look like what @Fabian showed us.

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I believe the basic technique used should be the same, toggling show/hide actions inline.
Here is sample for you, please feel free to examine.


I don’t mind the detail view workaround - unfortunately it doesn’t help when you want multi-page forms.

Also, I really don’t like how many sync actions get queued up with detail view edits.


It s okey what you feel, as this is workaround under the given cirtumstances and conditiosn available for now, while I agree with you we need massive change and upgrade for UIs of Appsheet including more user friendly form and details views both mobile and PC user of appsheet. Unfortunately, we are not seeing much of improvement for this fields for years.


Thanks @tsuji_koichi! I see how you did it. I did something similar with format rules but I think that your method is simpler and therefore better. Format rules should probably be avoided when possible.


This is not perfect for me and for you for sure. I hope we are able to get to see better UIs for those stuffs when Appsheet upgrate each view for coming months. This is just I thought what we are able to achieve a bit closer to what you want. But to swich to table view with those inline actions, it looks horrible, i must state.


@morgan @Arthur_Rallu are working on improving this… THank you all for the feedback.


Yea! Any idea when some of these changes might roll out?