Birthday Calendar

I want to be able to have a calendar view that will show all the birthdays for the year of all employees at the company.

I have a staff list already with the birthday information of the employees. I created a slice that has the employees name and the birthday. But when I set the calendar view up it doesn’t show the dates because the birthday has the year on it and i am assuming that it is only putting it on the actual birthday date and not every year.

What would be the best resolution for this? i want it to put a reoccurring date every year on the date of the employees birthday.

Create a virtual column for their birthday on the current year and use that in your calendar view.
This will return their birthday on the current year.
If you want a re-occurring for every year this will work but you might want to add in some conditions for like if birthday is older than last month add 1 year to the birthday column so that way it would roll forward and you wouldn’t miss any birthdays that are coming up in january that wouldn’t be present until Jan 1