Brand New to Appsheet - Udemy Coupon Code to learn

Hello, I am very new to this platform and have found a 3hr course on Udemy that will hopefully
help me grasp the basics. I have been waiting for the course to go on sale but so far it hasn’t.
Does anyone know where I might be able to find a coupon code to reduce the cost?
I was just let go from my job and am scrambling to find a new direction (and job) and thought this
might be an option.


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Welcome to the community! (Sorry to hear about losing your job. :frowning:)

There is a 101 Udemy course that’s free:

You might also benefit from checking out this post, it has great advice on where to start:

And finally, there are 2 days left of a giveaway I’m doing in celebration of my 5 year anniversary; you could win an hour of consulting which could be very helpful. (No guarantees of course, just throwing it out there.)