Bulk update of selected rows using a drop down

Is there a way to use an action to update a column in a select number of rows using a drop down list?

I have a table with a column for category. When rows get added, the category column is blank. User must go into app and assign a category to each row. Some rows may have the same category assigned. I want the user to be able to select multiple rows then assign a category from a drop down list of categories.

I have tried using actions but can’t get it to work.

Would like to see something similar to this.

For my use: assign multiple Jobs to a specific User chosen from a drop down or even a form.

I have managed to get the functionality but it’s a bit “rigid” and not very friendly on mobile devices.
Check out the video and if it is what you are looking for I will describe it later as it’s going to be a long post.

This would apply to @Jessy_Mrozowski, assigning jobs .

For setting a status (1-2-3 actions) then this would be the best way:

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Interesting approach. So the answer is its not a native function within Appsheet. Would be a good suggestion to have them add as a feature. Admit you have some mad skills.

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Short version:
Category table
Tasks Table
Selector table ref to both above
A dashboard
An action for every category to set the column values (undisplayed)
An action for every category to execute an action on a set of rows (displayed)

If you send me your email, I can transfer it to you.

Pretty neat and I can see what you did, it works well unless you have an ever expanding job list (10 000+ entries). Would be very nice to see Appsheet put in a native feature.

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@AlexM - I’m interested in the solution you provided for @Jessy_Mrozowski and wondering if you might share it with me? Or, if you’ve discovered a mobile-friendly solution? I have a rather large form and would like to use it as a ‘template’ to create a new task based on the Client Ref ID of the selected tasks and the users form entry (as well as trigger an action to set the status of selected tasks) to complete.

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message me your email address