Bulk update of selected rows using a drop down

Is there a way to use an action to update a column in a select number of rows using a drop down list?

I have a table with a column for category. When rows get added, the category column is blank. User must go into app and assign a category to each row. Some rows may have the same category assigned. I want the user to be able to select multiple rows then assign a category from a drop down list of categories.

I have tried using actions but can’t get it to work.

Would like to see something similar to this.

For my use: assign multiple Jobs to a specific User chosen from a drop down or even a form.

I have managed to get the functionality but it’s a bit “rigid” and not very friendly on mobile devices.
Check out the video and if it is what you are looking for I will describe it later as it’s going to be a long post.

This would apply to @Jessy_Mrozowski, assigning jobs .

For setting a status (1-2-3 actions) then this would be the best way:

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Interesting approach. So the answer is its not a native function within Appsheet. Would be a good suggestion to have them add as a feature. Admit you have some mad skills.

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Short version:
Category table
Tasks Table
Selector table ref to both above
A dashboard
An action for every category to set the column values (undisplayed)
An action for every category to execute an action on a set of rows (displayed)

If you send me your email, I can transfer it to you.

Pretty neat and I can see what you did, it works well unless you have an ever expanding job list (10 000+ entries). Would be very nice to see Appsheet put in a native feature.

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