Business plan

good evening, could someone give me information on the prices of the business plan? I tried to contact the appsheet team several times without having an answer. thank you so much

Business Plan subscription is $15,000 per annum including 100 user licences.


Thank you!!

You’re welcome

Sorry, just another question. So the price for user is higher than 10 $/month? I need to develop some apps for my company with maximum 30 users…but with this price maybe it is better to buy a software with a lower annual price.

With max 30 users, you won’t be needing a Business Plan at all, unless your app structure is not needing any feature included in the BP i.e. SQL connection, 3rd Party oAuth etc.

so, if the only thing i want is to be able to share data source with another user and i have only 10 app users, then i will have to pay $15.000/Y??

What do you mean with “…able to share data source with another user…”?

I was just told by Ginny at AppSheet that the business plan no longer includes 100 user licenses. :slightly_frowning_face:

“As for the 100 users, there was a time a few years ago that the Business Plan came with 100 users included but that plan has since been deprecated.”


So how many licences does the Business Plan have?

I don’t know. I was getting quotes for 250 and 500 users then followed up with a question about the 100 since I remembered this post.

Just out of interest, who actually has/uses a Business Plan? I’d love to use SQL but $15000/£11500 per year seems to price all my clients out of this option

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I agree with you. I think that the price is too high for this feature (this is the price in Italy for a full optimized software/lims).

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I also agree. In the beginning of AppSheet, Database using was in PRO Plan. As they changed this, we had to go back to Google Sheets. For small companies this is to much money “just” for Apps.

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