Business plan

good evening, could someone give me information on the prices of the business plan? I tried to contact the appsheet team several times without having an answer. thank you so much

Business Plan subscription is $15,000 per annum including 100 user licences.

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Thank you!!

You’re welcome

Sorry, just another question. So the price for user is higher than 10 $/month? I need to develop some apps for my company with maximum 30 users…but with this price maybe it is better to buy a software with a lower annual price.

With max 30 users, you won’t be needing a Business Plan at all, unless your app structure is not needing any feature included in the BP i.e. SQL connection, 3rd Party oAuth etc.

so, if the only thing i want is to be able to share data source with another user and i have only 10 app users, then i will have to pay $15.000/Y??

What do you mean with “…able to share data source with another user…”?