Calendar View - Date only version instead of Date and Time

For some of the app, we only capture the “date” type instead of “date and time” and capture values of “From” and “To”.

Appsheet calendar view brings the best fit for those FROM / TO data to visualize and assist the interation by Appsheet users. Currently, we need to set up Date and Time fields which will be used in Calendar view, but in case we only have “date” value, we need to pick up the same date type fields to run the calendar view.

Again, for some of the app, time value is not being captured but only Date value in the fields. Based on that, we generate calendar view, but it always leaves the time scale part left brank unnecessarily.

I wish to have option to make the calendar view to DATE only, and then cut off the 24 hours scale and spece out of the calendar view to make it simpler and bring the better UI to the users.

Thank you for consideration.

Month basis view - Okey!

Day/Week basis view - I want to cut off the spaces…

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