Change Action Icon Colour

Can seem to find a straight answer in the forum.

Is it possible to change the colour of action icons in the same way I was able to change them shown in Field Task Status (Where there is a blue icon instead of green)?


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Yes you can change them with the Format Rule

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I do not seem to find a way to do this. I am able to change the icon directly on the action setup, but I do not see a way on how to change the color of actions on the format rule.
Can you send a screen shot on how to do this in format rules.

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Hi Aleksi,

I have a thumbs up action icon (which is only blue by default) but I just want to change its colour to green…So I went to format rules and put the same action but change to green. However, the overlay action is still blue. There is a condition for this action to be shown or applicable.

-j- erry

I have observed that the changed action colour through formatting rule is applicable only if icon is displayed prominent. The formatting rule does not apply if the action is in overalay

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Thanks Marc!

Actually this is not a bug. The functionality is decided in the past and is coming from the design. I don’t remember the exact reason but we try to avoid the Christmas tree effect.

Christmas tree effect means if we use too many colours, it will affect the look? I wanted to use red and green to reduce human mistake in clicking action buttons.


Bumping this…
Isn’t it our part, as developers, to decide whether or not colours are useful (e.g. decrease confusion/draw appropriate attention) or gaudy (e.g. christmas tree effect)?


Also bumping this. Rationale is we want the overlay button in Yellow so that users are reminded to press it to send a quote after they add items into a subtable. Since normal action butons are at the top and the subtable is at the bottom


I also think the designer/developer of the app should be able to decide wether changing color is or is not a problem for their user. While I can see the “Christmas tree” concern there are also many other user cases where an overlay icon with a different color could have a lot of meaning. This would depend of the specific user experience that is created for that user. I don’t think it’s a good idea for appsheet to limit this to only prominent icons.


Also, what is the difference between a Christmas-tree effect along the side vs along the top?? :thinking:

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