Changing Data from a Workflow

I was reading an article by appsheet help, and there was this article:

It’s about invoking an action on another table based on date from current table. So i built the app just to find out what i already know, you can’t have a workflow rule to change data on another table.
Or can we?

I’m a bit confused here

You can add rows to another table, delete rows from another table and even change the values of a row in another table.

What you cannot currently do is change values of a row in another table based on values from the ROW IN THIS TABLE.

You can navigate, through Actions, to a list of rows in another table AND you can change those column values…but Only to static values or values that have been retrieved through a LOOKUP(), SELECT() and FILTER().

The main problem that many run into, and most of the discussion is about, is that once they have reached that “other” row to makes updates, they have lost reference to the ORIGINAL row that triggered the update. They want to use values in the original row to update this “other” row.

An example would be placing an Order and inserting an Order Detail record with quantity. You want to adjust the Inventory amounts. The Actions navigate to the Inventory row but no longer have access to the Detail Order row to retrieve the Quantity needed to apply.

I hope this helps clarify!

By the way, if you haven’t seen it, there is a Feature Request to add the missing capability. I encourage you to visit it and add your vote!


I know, but this article was supposed to solve this problem, it did not…

I think there is a mis-understanding. No where in the article does it state or even imply that it covers the problem of “updating another row based on values from this row”.

BUT, If you are trying to accomplish that feat, there are work arounds. They do require some creativity and additional implementation work to get it done. If that is your need, post the details of your use case and the community can help you figure out a work around.