Circular ref allowing new records

Hello guys

In the app we have two tables, one for events and the other for participants, which can participate in more than one event.

For each event, the attendance lists are completed by hand, due to the requirements of the project’s funders, so these attendance lists must be entered in the system.

To reduce the time and error related to enter the lists in the system, we would like you to:

1- The [Name] field suggests the names, taking as a reference those already existing in the participants table (NOTE: we already do this, which allows us to filter and show the existing participant information as a suggestion in the other fields for your selection).

2- That when selecting a participant from those displayed in the list, auto-comomplete the other fields with the information (sex, age, telephone number, etc.) previously registered for the selected participant.

3- If it is a new participant, to be able to enter all the data of the same in each field of the table (name, sex, age, telephone, etc.)

If the participant exists in the participant table, be able to select their name and last name and have the other fields completed automatically, but if it is a new one, be able to complete the participants registration form, all from and in participants table.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @Danny_Reyes

To pull data from your reference, you can make use of dereference expressions:

This will allow you to pull the age, phone, etc. from your reference and use that information wherever you need to.

Since you’re already using a reference, you should be able to add new participants to the ref table - if you have “Adds” allowed for that table. When you open the ref dropdown, an add button will be at the top of the list - this will take them to a sub-form where they can complete their contact info, then return them back right where they left off.

Thanks for your answer MultiTech_Visions.

The problem is that the ** participant or beneficiary ** table admits the registration of the same ** participant ** more than once, since all new and recurring participants are registered in it for each events previously registered in events table. In this aspect, for each record there must be a ** key ** that must be different for each one, even if it is the same ** participant **, which is why when trying to ** add ** a new beneficiary the app adds the ** key ** automatically in the ** name-ref-column ** drop-down list, as you can see in image below.

In conclusion the key must be different than ref column when try to make an intra-table reference, reason why when try to add new record instead of allow us to write the new ** Name and Last Name **, its populate the column automatically with the generated ** key **.

On the other hand, the image below shows what happens when you try to add an inner reference in the key column,

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Sounds like you need to add in a restriction so people can’t be added into the table twice for the same event - a very common thing to add to your apps.

Here’s a post describing how to do something like that:

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