Column made invalid and then removed by editor

I have a column (hard, not virtual) called “Image” in a table. I tried to add a virtual column called “Image2” and, though I’m not sure exactly what happened, my attempt to add “Image2” led to the removal of “Image” from a slice and then from many views. I think the similarity in the name had something to do with this.

I went back to the previous version of the app and added the new virtual column with the name “Picture” (to avoid a similar kind of issue) and all is well now.

Generally speaking, I’m pleased with the AppSheet editor but sometimes, however, I find myself wanting to explain the hippocratic oath to it: Do no harm!

Though the issue may be slightly different, I think this little plea of mine for a “do no harm” editor is related to the following post by @Marc_Dillon:

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It is possibly a bug, I suggest to raise a ticket for a support to dig into by sending to

Appsheet is intelligent enough, so they AUTOMATICALLY detect something, and then it takes own actions accordingly without asking App creators.

For instance, when we read new table, Appsheet recognize the value of the column as column name rather than picking up the value on the top of the table, as Appsheet will try to detect what is the best field name, but reviewing the value of the field rather than simply pick up the top of the column as column name.

I sniffed the similar problem out of your post.

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