Create rows from Enum List

TLDR: can i test webhooks with a Free plan account type?

Hi all,

I am trying to give the user the ability to create ‘Color Codes’ - (rows on a table ‘Color Table’)
Each row is associated with a ‘Vendor’
Vendors are rows of Contacts Table, 'Contact Type = ‘Vendor’
Each Vendor can have multiple Color Codes
Each ‘Color Code’ can have multiple associated ‘Vendors’

So I want the user to be able to Add a new ‘Color Code’ where they stipulate;

  • Color Code = Text field
  • Color Name = Text field (Label)
  • Image = Image field (Label)
  • Vendor(s) = Enum List field

So when the user Adds a ‘Color Code’ and selects multiple ‘Vendors’ the app creates Multiple rows for each ‘Vendor’ in the Color Table (and copies the other fields 1 to 1, it’s just the ‘Vendor’ column that will be different for each row)

I’m new to webhooks and integrations I have been looking at a New Records From EnumList community sample app, it doesn’t appear to effectively execute the webhook and perhaps this is because my app is not deployed… the sample app itself is Deployed but doesn’t appear to be working either…

I am getting two errors in the Audio Log

  1. REST API invoke: “Errors”: “Error: Row having key ‘b3e832ea’ in table ‘Asset’ containing value ‘001 , 002 , 003 , 004 , 005 , 006’ in field ‘DATA’ failed ‘Valid_If’ condition.”,
  • I assume this is because the Validif constraint wants only one value…
  1. 400 Bad Request: because i don’t know what I’m doing here
  • I have copied the sample app into my own account
  • I have enabled the API key in the Integrations, IN menu
  • I do have an Access Key set to enabled
  • I have changed the app id inside the workflow webhook task to my own

So I think the 400 error is a result of the body rather than an App ID issue. Perhaps the JSON payload is not firing as I don’t have any URL, HTTP Verb or HTTP Content Type fields available when i set the workflow webhook preset to - AppSheet: Add Row
The Documentation isn’t clear on what preset to use…

Am i on the right track here or can i get the same result from creating an action rather than a workflow, perhaps something like community30503 sample app where i guess would need to use a SPLIT expression and grouped actions?

Please check a sample app called “New Records from EnumList” from


And yes you can test Webhooks with the Free plan as well.


Thanks Aleksi, ill keep reading up on this stuff