Current_User (Slice) - How to conform your app around WHO is using the app

@MultiTech_Visions I’m watching the extended version of your video on Patreon. I don’t think I have my users and companies tables set up properly. Can you provide any more in-depth guidance on how to make sure they’re set up correctly?

Hmmm… at this point it might be best to move this into it’s own discussion, instead of at the bottom of this Tip & Trick post.

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You can’t specify the Update Mode per record like this. Here you are setting it for the entire Table. If you need to specify it per record beyond this, then do so by filtering down in a Slice, and setting the Update Mode of the Slice.

The expression assistant is not infallible. Sometime the reported error is not actually the real problem. This may be one of the cases. To double check this exact error, just try to set some temp VC expression in some Table to


You know @Marc_Dillon you’re :100: about not being able to do things on a per-record bases here; I can’t believe I missed that. lol I have no idea what I was thinking. :crazy_face:

Honestly, I’ve actually taken to controlling edits and things on the Action side of things, I rarely use the actual table-updates permissions anymore.

  • You can control EDITS through the edit action
  • You can control DELETES through the delete action
  • You can control ADDS through the add actions

And with actions, you can control them on a per-record bases.

So I just put my “access” permissions formulas inside the individual actions for each table nowadays.

Now to figure out a way to clean up this post! haha



How do you actualy use it with views/slices? Do you add this condition to any slice with AND()?

Matt, but please remove the “backdoor” because that is inviting a security hack. Nobody should allow user impersonation that way in their apps. USEREMAIL() is something the platform controls and not hackable. Having a lookup table is not just a backdoor but really a frontdoor also :]

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Speeking of hackers, could you do a webinar about how secure appsheet is in terms of cyber security? And ways for us as creators to know what to do to make it safer