Custom Twilio SMS Setting

Anyone has experience with the Twilio SMS sending, have sign up the account entered the
AccountSid, AuthToken, from and to, however what does it mean by the country code?


have test a SMS sending but didn’t receive the sms, but when checked the workflow it is success.

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Hi @EugeneB

Maybe this is it.


yup what country i need to put in? anyway i have put in US and MY … didn’t get the SMS as well

Just found this article - Sending SMS from a Bot, Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report | AppSheet Help Center

it is correct, i have entered the to and from country code. just strange that why it is not sending sms

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Without the contents of the Automation settings and the error message from monitor, I can’t figure out the cause.


Process Send SMS

Created TimeStamp

29/05/2021, 08:59:02 am



Current Step

Send an SMS

Error Message

Error: Task ‘Send an SMS’ field ‘SMSTo’ contains invalid phone number ‘6012xxxxxxx’. Error: No SMS was created because ‘To’ is missing or invalid.

Execution Time (In seconds)

here is the error, the phone number i place it a text as +6012xxxxxxx … now i have set it to “+6012xxxxxxx”

however after that i didn’t see the event in the monitor,

btw, i am using just started with twilio, currently it is on trial, the number is in the verified list and also in the country supported.

the workflow test is working

okay, looks like the last bot event, in the monitor. it is successful.

checked from twilio there is no usage/

What country do you want to send the SMS to?
If it is addressed to Japan, the number will start with “+81”.

sending to Malaysia which is +60, so i have changed the number to “+6012xxxxxxx” seem that the sending is working but just that didn’t receive the SMS on the phone.

In the country code i have include US, and MY. as the SMS sender phone i got from twilio is US.

Sorry, it’s not addressed to Japan.


You might want to contact twilio support.
I just tested it in my environment with this setting and it was sent to me.


sure thanks.

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Manage to resolve the SMS issue, it is due to have to deploy the app. can’t keep it as prototype.

@Takuya_Miyai , have you tried sending whatsapp message using twilio?


Manage to send WhatsApp Message using webhook to Twilio REST API. can refer to the post here Guide: Twilio WhatsApp Message API WebHook with Appsheet Bot


It was. I forgot that I had to deploy it.:pray:

I’ve never tried Whatsapp. WhatsApp is not popular in Japan at all.:sweat_smile:

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No issue, thanks for your help. appreciate it :pray: :pray:

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