Customer Consent

Hi everyone,

I am looking to build an app that has a customer consent, basically a Document where the customer’s name is selected from a customers table and has a long text that they need to agree at the end and capture a signature (that is the easy part).
I need these consents to be generated as a PDF and than related to each customer, so they need to be a table REF. and/or this document to be automatically related to the costumer.

Anyone have an idea how I can handle this?



We now have the ability to connect a folder as a table/datasource.

You could save the PDF files with the parent record’s key in the name, and then use a virtual column to extract the key and create a REF from every new file- back to the parent row.

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Thanx a lot for your answer,

but how do you recommend that I display all the text to the user in the app so they can read and then click “agree” and sign?

@Steve do you have any idea how to solve this?

I don’t believe it’s possible with AppSheet.

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You could use a Show-Type column to display the agreement text, and then have a button to select “agree”, which then shows the [signature] column.

Thanks Steve!

I think I found a workarround

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What was the workaround? The one @GreenFlux shared?