Dashboard Empty Bug

I Had a dashboard view that was working fine till today morning. Now it’s showing blank.

I am not sure whats the Issue. Each individual view works perfectly.

The same issue in other applications also.

Does clearing cache help, if you are browsing on the desktop?


Hi @Rifadm817

Is there a New Chart among the views ? I had an issue with these twice in the past: dashboard views having “new charts” come empty, until I remove these charts or support releases a fix.


The dashboard is totally out of control. The panels resize themselves and make no sense.

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I tried. Also, i tried with browsers chrome, safari and edge. Not working in mobile app also.

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Yes i have new charts used. But it was working fine.

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The dashboard need some serious updates. Even if we resize and then go inside a view and comes back. It will automatically reset everything.

Yes, it used to be the same for me, although this time it’s working fine at the moment.

I allow myself to poke @benhare who knows how to solve your issue :slight_smile:

This application does not use the new chart. No charts are used in this application.

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

I am also facing this issue in one of the apps. The dashboard views ( The app has 3 different dashboards) in an app. Out of these three, two dashboard views display in the App editor mobile view as well as on a mobile device.

However in the desktop view in the app editor all these three views show simply blank screens and the third view does not show in any of the options- app editor mobile, app editor desktop and mobile device.

In another app the dashboards are getting displayed properly. So seems to be a sporadic issue.


It is not performing as expected. When modifying a panel it does not stay fixed but changes randomly.


I have contacted yesterday @Steve

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar For me, it worked once and it’s back to the blank page again. I’m not sure what made it work.

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Thank you @Rifadm817 .

I was about to post my updates as well, but just wanted to be sure that it is working properly under all conditions before posting updates.

So I have 3 different dashboards in an app. One view in each of those dashboards is based on a single table and the view/table is basically for user selections of certain fields based on which other views of the dashboards render.

One of those fields in user selections had incorrect valid_if and base type settings. I am finding that after I corrected that field’s settings, all the three dashboards started showing correctly in all places. Maybe you wish to check if a similar scenario in your case as well.

However, I am unable to pinpoint exactly why the dashboards earlier did not display in desktop and partially display in the mobile view.


Its just sliced view of single table and nothing is added to the app by user manually. @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Oh Okay. In that case, I believe AppSheet Support team help is required. Even I was getting intermittent results earlier.

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A mi me salió lo mismo, lo que hice fue salirme de la app, cerrar secion y entrar nuevamente desde el inicio con mi cuenta de Gmail luego actualizar la app y se arreglo.
Ojalá te pueda resultar

Its still not working