De-referencing from an Enum (base type REF) isn't working

I was making some updates, including the new-ish feature where you can use an Enum (with a base type REF) and de-reference from that - instead of having to set the column type as an actual ref - when I noticed that the data that should result from that de-ref wasn’t being written to the table.

Was it writing the key-value instead?

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Not a de-ref of lists (though this will be handy when it becomes stable); I’m talking about being able to de-ref from an Enum (with a base type of REF) just like it was a regular ref.

It was working until last night; I spent 7 hours completely reworking how data is processed by an app (that’s live)… only to find my updates caused all critical data points to fail and not get their data.

The editor approves the de-ref from the enum column, but the resulting data is blank.

At least it’s super easy to roll back 7 hours worth of updates and get everything right back to where it was before you began.

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Thanks for reporting this (and @GreenFlux for the key-value issue in the other thread). I’ve added these items as bugs to fix :+1: