Designing a dashboard with a filter bar

Main idea from : Selecting data from table based on selected values in form
I’ve made some adjustments for multi-user parameter memorization.

Table SELECTION (UserEmail, Parameter1, Parameter2, Parameter3)
Parameter1 : type Ref to ColumnX
Parameter2 : type Ref to ColumnY…
You have to manually create one row with each useremail

Table DATA (Id, Column1, Column2, Column3, Column4…)

Slice Filtered_SELECTION
Row filter condition :
[User Email] = USEREMAIL()
This allow to manage per user parameters
Only allow update on this table

Slice Filtered_DATA
Row filter condition :
[ColumnX] = LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), “SELECTION”, “User Email”, “ParameterX”)

View MySelection
type : detail
data : Filtered_SELECTION
Quick edit columns : ParameterX…
Display mode : no headings

View MyData
type : deck (as you want)
data : Filtered_DATA

View Main
type : dashboard
view 1 : MySelection
view 2 : MyData
Changing parameters in MySelection, immediately updates MyData view.

I hope you find it useful.
I’m open to alternatives an enhancements ! :slightly_smiling_face: