Different View Option "inside deck view"

Hello everyone, quick question for you…

Is there a way to change the view “inside” deck view?

My boss was wanting something more landscape style instead of scrolling through all of the options. The industry we are in is very fast paced.

Thank you in advance!

Wesley Whitaker
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You can create VCs where a few columns are concatenated and display those - would that work?

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Mr. Jayaram, thank you very much for your help. Might I ask what expressions you would suggest using in order to achieve this? I am still very new to AppSheet. :wink:

Ultimately the detail view is the “bottom” view - or the last view - of the stack.

You could think of it like this:

  • First you’ve got an inline view, showing lists of records; then
  • Second you’ve got a detail view, showing the details of the record you just tapped on (in the app).

So that’s really the last and finally way to view that data.

If you’re wanting to shrink things, what Bellave is suggesting is a good way to go. I often make use of this, concatenating many column’s data together into a cohesive summary - something that can be easily shown on a single line.

For instance: in a time-tracking app I have I have a table to record time entries, and for each of these I create a summary of the data for that time entry into a single field:

was made by this:


Thank you for this insight, and the detailed expression technique.

Matt, I think you guys would have solved my problem, if my app wasn’t unusable after I did the concatenation.The link below is my hurdle now.
Error with Action After Concatenat(ing) Columns

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to reply!! :slight_smile:


Wesley Whitaker

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