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In my order management module, I want to include a discussion thread for each of my orders. Each discussion thread would involve comments and queries specific to this order from all the users and the comments could be of any type - Text, Video, Photo or more… much like a slack thread or so. Users should be able to reply to the others comments or images etc. much like what we are doing here.

This is what I have planned. Help me with your suggestions and advice -

  1. Have a separate table COMMENTS which would have fields like - Comment, Order ID, User ID, Comment Type, Replied to .
  2. Display the comments as Inline View . Not sure if its the best way out.
  3. Set the notification for each comment entered.

But the main problem is the TYPE of the comment. How do I set the type of the comment field ? It could be anything - a text, long text, video, photo or just anything. Any other way out ?

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I don’t believe AppSheet is the right tool for discussion threads. I’d go with an external chat application and implement a minimal communication between your AppSheet app and the discussion application.

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I completely Agree but We find it too difficult to shuffle between different apps. It involes a lot of work. Like manually creating a thread for each of our orders and note all the specifications manually related to the order , in that app as well something which we already have on app sheet. It would all be double the work… and that when multiplied with the number of orders we have on every single day… the work multifolds like anything … We just want a simple chat thread where we could share images , get the approvals and comments, thats it . I dont know if there is a way to integrate a slack like tool and even if it does , we would be expected to manually create threads for each of our order and then link that specific thread to that order. Dont seem practical on daily basis. Trying to really figure something.

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Ah ok, in this case I may agree. The discussion thread relies heavily on the data structured in the AppSheet App: i.e. there is a thread for each record of table X in the AppSheet app.
I’d go with a table Tweet holding the timestamp, the user, the thread (or order to which it’s associated), the text (eventually empty), the image (eventually empty), the video (eventually empty), the replied to, and, most importantly, a virtual column Summary that looks into each column and assigns a name depending on the presence / absence of the text, the image, the video. In the list of all the tweets in a thread, you’ll display this column, the timestamp, the user. The summary column is more than a name, is the Preview of the tweet, so it should contain the first words of the text, or a sentence like “User X uploaded a photo”…

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Thanks Mate… This sounds great … Let me try that way and see if it works in my case

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Thanks Steve . Let me check this too if it can help in my case.

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This App seems inactive . Anything Else that I can check ?

It’s the only one I’m aware of. You might try searching the community.

Yeah sure. Np. Lemme check.

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