Display message on saving of form


I would like to display a message to a user when they save a form. The showing of the message will depend on the values they enter. Sometimes there won’t be any message. Note I don’t need to stop the saving of the form, I just need to give further instructions based on the values they entered.

I’ve read that the only way to display a message is using an action. So I have created an action that “sets the value of some column in this row”. I have created a dummy column, as really I don’t care about the value I just want to use the confirmation functionality. I have set “Needs confirmation” to be True and set the confirmation message to be the message I want.

Then in the form view I have set the “Event Actions” -> “Form Saved” to be this action. And when a user enters a specific value and clicks save, the confirmation dialog box is shown and the form is saved.

This all works great except for one issue (well 2 if you count the dummy set value column mentioned above). The dialog box that is shown has a No and Yes (or whatever I set as the display value for the action) and the No and Yes both behave the same. i.e. if the user clicks No the form is still saved.

So what I would like is to not show the No option at all. i.e. this is not really a confirmation dialog as the form is saved before the action is triggered.

Is there a better way of doing this? Or is there any way I can get rid of the 2 options in the dialog box and only have one?


You can modify the “No” in UX->Localize. What many do is change the default value to the empty string - “”.

You can also apply an expression here so if you need the “No” value to show in some confirmation boxes but not others, you can specify that with an expression.

I do not know the syntax to get at specific confirmation boxes.

Thank you that worked great.