Display row numbers in "column order" part of view editor

Here’s a simple request. Please display these numbers

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 16.37.52

in the “column order” section of the view editor like this:

Reason: Virtual columns in tables are displayed in the order they were made. This order may, of course, be different from the order in which the results are displayed in a given view. However, because AppSheet doesn’t provide us with a search function, it can really be hard to find the column that needs editing if you have a lot of virtual columns.

By the way, here’s how columns can multiply:

Because one large table can give birth to multiple slices, each requiring a significant number of columns for either calculation or display, and slices may feed more than one view, a large number of columns can become necessary as an app grows.

It would be ideal if we could have a little link next to each column in the view editor that would take us directly to the column to be edited. I can imagine, however, that that would be difficult to implement. In the meantime, couldn’t we have the numbers to help us locate the appropriate column more quickly?

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