Dividers for new card views

New codes seem to arrive to appsheet account apparently today, and seeing new card view UI on my apps.

When we create card view without images, it looks similar to deck view which was looking nice, when we see as ONE column view on mobile phone or as one elemental view witihin dashboard. However, now we lost the padding, margin to distinguish the line items, and not looks user-friendly in my opinion. I wish to get this view revert to the old version or at least we need a dividers…


I intentionally throw this as feature request, as new code for new Card view ui is in place… I just want to revert to old ones, so i end up with feature request for your guidance.

Thank you for your attention anyway.


Even on this community place for the same type of UI, we have dividers… Current appsheet UI looks a single paper rather than list type component.



This doesn’t really work


Looks fine on a wider display

You should be able to change the category to questions

Indeed. Simple divider will solve this. Or even padding or margins. Simple CSS.

The view before new code is launched did have reasonable and beautiful padding to separate rows…

This is where my feature request is coming. Not a back to the future, but to the past…


And I have posted earlier about it:

I personally would like the Inlines to be context aware of the width of the screen and render like they would a “full view” if there is enough space to do so (specifically cards) - but could also apply to other view types.

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Except if you did that then you would lose the swipe capability of the deck view; though I guess you could still retain that with two columns of deck view or more… :thinking:

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Doesn’t full screen deck views still stretch across the screen? That view is fine as is, for the most part.

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