Do actions in a grouped action act based on their own condition

It’s kind of stupid to be asking at this stage. Also this may have been answered before but I haven’t been able to find it. If it is, please pardon and point me to the piece.

My question is that whether or not in a grouped action, with the constituting actions each having different availability conditions, act in the same accord?

Lets say there is action A, which would fire if a Column value were True, and action B which would fire if it was False. The two are grouped into one, the grouped action itself having no condition defined.

So when the group action fires does the separate actions act according to their own conditions defined?

Yes they each evaluate their conditions separately.

However, I believe that if one condition fails, then the entire rest of the Group does not execute. I’m not 100% sure on that.


As @Marc_Dillon said, each action’s own condition is evaluated separately, but each action’s condition affects only its own action. So if one action’s condition evaluates to FALSE, that one action will be skipped, but remaining actions will continue to be processed.