Dropdown "Plus" Button

Dear team,

This is a silly question, but a user of my app have “issue” with the “plus” button of a dropdown list.

Please refer to the below picture for more details. Since the field “Type d’intervention” is not well visible (plus button is in light grey), most of the time the user miss to fill this section. The app primary color is dark blue, but the “plus button” on the dropdown goes to dark blue only is the user click on this field.

Capture d’écran 2020-12-24 à 16.38.19

Is there a way to change the color of the “plus” button (when the field is inactive) or to put the title “Titre d’intervention” in Bolt?

Thanks for support,



Hi Yoann, unfortunately I don’t believe there’s a way to manually change that color, but I’ll make sure the team receives the feedback. Alternatively, have you tried making the field mandatory for users to complete?


Hello Peter, Sorry for my late reply.

I think the team made some changes. The field is now clearly visible which is great for the app user.

Thanks again for your great support.