Dynamic SVG graphics

I have an image column in child table with " CONCATENATE("data:image/svg+xml;utf8, <svg… " appformula, and try to use VC in parent row to show the image. It works fine in editor and when using app in laptop Chrome, but not working on iPhone. Any idea why? VC is type image, and formula is ANY( [related childrows][ImageColumn] )

How is it not working? One thing to keep in mind when working with SVG’s, is that different browsers render them differently. In some cases SVG’s may appear different through the chrome browser than through Safari (iOS).

This would be one thing to check during troubleshooting. Have you had success getting any SVG to work, even a simple rectangle?

I got it working now, don’t know how or why… Image wasn’t loading on iPhone at all, there was just the triangle w/ exclamation mark showing

Color Mixer :blush:

This could be used in USERSETTINGS as well to generate the desired color. Then this RGB could be used all over the App.


Wow Fabian, that’s excellent!