Enum with valid if issue

I’m trying to perform an Enum lookup from another table in the workbook. However, it is referencing the wrong column in the sheet with the enum options. Here is my setup:

Type: Enum
Base type: Text
Valid If: Sort(Settings[Industry])

I would add, if I go and edit the column title (Industry) with the column title it is ACTUALLY pulling the enum options from, then my entire field/option disappears from the form. It’s like there is some circular behavior taking place…

Hi @ten4info
Are your column headings bold?

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Bold and the cells are shaded.

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@Lynn, is there an issue with bold/shaded cells for this type of application? I just took the bold and shading off…no different. Maybe I need to confirm what the setting should be for this to work.

Your column headers should be bold,
Have you checked out this info

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Can I put multiple ref lists to be used for enum expressions on the same worksheet/table? I’ve tried it and one list populates in full (col. B), the other list (Col. A) is cut off in the enum selections. Col. C is a unique ID.

Please post a screenshot of the Settings worksheet.


@Steve I simplified this approach by creating a new, clean table with ref list for enum lists. Still having any issue. Right now, I have two cols. in A and B and uniqueID in C.

Hi @ten4info
It is usual practice to put the key in column A . Are you still having problems?