Feature to include Headers, Footers and Page Numbering in PDF reports

Dear Appsheet Team,
I do not know when we can have the essential feature of adding Headers, Footers, and Page numbering to the PDF reports generated by Appsheet.
Google Docs is having this feature but we can not have this on our reports although we use google docs as our report template.
Dinesh C.

Because of the HTML to PDF conversion engine that’s being used, the honor header, footer and page numbering needs a very complex attempt. Thus what you’re requesting is not so possible and I don’t believe it’ll be available anyhow in the very near future.


Dear Levent,
Thanks for your feedback.
I would like to share what we are doing since this is not supported by the AppSheet right now.

Create a WorkFlow rule for PDF attachment.
Generate template using create command.
After that view your template, and inside your template add what you want to add as a header with other contents from fields, then add ‘Page break’ at each page and continue to do so for the whole report and save that.
Save your template for PDF attachment and use the Test feature to generate the report and modify the template till you achieve what you want to achieve.

This is the only alternative we currently have and we have tested and used that in our prototyping apps.

Hope this will help others too.
Best regards.
Dinesh C.