Filters in AppSheet applications - in Preview Program

Hi @Grant_Stead
We do plan on supporting all data types, most importantly REF data types.
Your feedback about dashboard is very valid. We decided not to take it on right away because we wanted feedback on simpler stuff… and even on the simpler stuff we’re getting valide and useful feedback. Dashboard is more complicated, because the dashboard could have 3-4 tables and because it can be interactive.

We’ll be first working on the missing data types and other aspects before we can tackle dashboards.
Actually, if you could send me a screenshots of some representative dashboards of yours (with the relations between the tables and what you expect filters to do there), that’d be useful input.

Thanks Grant

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You should have the ability to multi-select.
I think the issue is that your Enum data does not have the different values in the app definition. We need to take into account all values that are present in the dataset, not just the ones that were defined in the app definition.

Hi @Manish_Jain1
We wanted to give people time to give feedback before we make some changes.
There’s a lot of feedback (even just on existing functionalities) and we’ll have to prioritize what we work on first.

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Can you explain more? I did not get that, @Grant_Stead
Thank you

I was talking about auto complete. When you are using a standard Ref field in a form for example, you can “search” but when you start typing the results start narrowing…

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Hi @Arthur_Rallu ,

The words “DONE” + “CLEAR” + “FILTER”, at filter window, don’t get “localized”.


This is such an incredible addition!!! One thing I noticed on Browser was that if you have a filter on, overlay action icons get cut off.

Filter Off

Filter On


@Jordan_Davis1 Are you still seeing this?

The team enabled REF fields in the filter and now takes into account Display Names when specified.



Great job.

Works perfect.

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Hi @Arthur_Rallu,

Are there any news about exporting to csv just the filtered view ?


We’re prioritizing fixing the issues that already exist and that prevent the basic functionalities for everyone.

Exporting CSV after applying the filter makes sense as a feature, but we probably won’t tackle it before we make the filters available to everyone.


@Arthur_Rallu enum base type ref still has issues with displaying the labels


The font size on the filter was nice before and now it has suddenly gotten really big. Not sure if this is a bug but wanted to point it out.

Is it possible to save the filtered view ? Is that feature implemented or not as yet ?

it also looks like the filter is converting enum items to lowercase