Formula still showing previous dates

I am using this formula in a slice to show expiry dates within the next 90 days:

([Expiry Date] <= (TODAY()+90)), ISNOTBLANK([Expiry Date])

At the minute the formula is working for the 90 days and I can’t see records that expire after 90 days. HOWEVER, I am still seeing records that have already expired (see below)

expiry date error


[Expiry Date] <= TODAY()+90,
ISNOTBLANK([Expiry Date]))


Thank you for your response.

The same is still happening which I’m finding strange.

Your syntax of expression seems to need correction.

Also maybe you wish to add the following or similar condition to eliminate the records before today.

AND(([Expiry Date] <= (TODAY()+90), ISNOTBLANK([Expiry Date]), [Expiry Date]> (TODAY()-1))


Works brilliantly minus one of the open brackets after the AND. Thank you very much. :+1:


Oh yes, thank you, there was a typo. Good to know it works, the way you wish. Corrected it as below and also optimized the expression a bit more.

AND([Expiry Date] <= (TODAY()+90), ISNOTBLANK([Expiry Date]), [Expiry Date]>=TODAY() )

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