Freeze Column NAME in editor

So rather than just commenting in another thread, I realized I should add this as a feature request so it can be re-considered…

Question: How many times have you been editing the column setup in your app and been frustrated when you scrolled to the right to check column attributes and the NAME of the column disappeared from view, and then you had to scroll left again and try to remember the row you were on before scrolling back to the right? Ugh!!

For example, I want to quickly check which columns are searchable and get dizzy scrolling left and right and forgetting which row I was looking at!

How about just freezing the first NAME column in the editor view so you don’t lose track of the column NAME as you scroll right? Would really help the efficiency and reduce frustrations.

This topic needs the bump, as this is something of a high priority for users - but it’s been requested… like years ago.

Thanks for the bump - maybe now we’ll get it. Small crazy green guy


Just felt like I needed to bring it back as it’s a basic editor design gap and creates a lot of “friction” to the experience, that only gets worse as you add more columns…


I would vote but I dont have any left.

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To solve this problem, I am using a 4K monitor with dot-by-dot.
A very uncool solution,…

I hope it will be supported as a standard feature.

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Lol! That’s quite the solution @Takuya_Miyai :slight_smile:


Hi I’d recommend you all put your votes in this post. This seems to be the same feature. It’s easier to see that people are asking for it. The 5 votes here could make the other request go from 29 to 34.


Good point. I did a search for freeze COLUMN so I missed this post that was titled “Row”. I will cross reference from that post and vote there.


This topic needs to go to the top. I voted

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