Get automatically the % of absenteeism

I will try to explain it as best as I can…

I have an app where I’m getting the information of people who will not be at work (for example from today until next week)

I’m trying to know automatically the % of absenteeism by knowing the total number of people (For example: 24) and knowing that this person won’t be for at least 1 week.
How should I compare the value of the date of “today” with the number of day’s where this person won’t be working.


Sorry for not understanding but I have read this post and I have looked for other post to solve this and i couldn’t find it, I already looked for information or examples apps on Appsheet for this and couldn’t find anything usefull, so I dont know what should I do, but this is the only response i got…

Don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong in this Appsheet creator community

Your post did not make any sense, which is why I linked a guide on how to make a post. Please elaborate. Screenshots are always helpful.

You seem to want to calculate a percentage. Your description of the calculation makes no sense. Is this something you’re already calculating somewhere else and can provide the more exact formula?


Thanks for the recomendation I’m learning how to post here and I will improve.

Let’s Try Again!!!

I have a Table called “Payroll”. here I enter the employee information when they won´t come to work.
The data I have to submit is:

*Employee ID - Type Number
*Name - Type Text (Which I bring to this table using a select formula conected to a data base of employees)
*Date, Time and Week number…
*Type - Type Text (To know the type of absenteeism)
*Date Start - Type Date (To know the start date when the employee is not going at work)
*Date Finish - Type Date (Due to…)

There I need to focus is in the Start date and finish date.
This is because in other table I’m trying to calculate the % of pople working every single day…

Let’s make an example:
I have 24 employees (Daily)
1 guy will be on vacation from 27/12/2020 until 10/01/2021

If I want to know today the % of people who isn´t at work I have…

Total employees = 24
Total absent employees = … This what honestly I don’t know how to solve, how can I get automatically this numer (Which should be = 1)

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Total absent employees for today:

    Payroll ,
      [Date Start] <= TODAY() ,
      [Date Finish] >= TODAY()

I think part of your struggle might be determining the correct UNITS with which to calculate the % absenteeism.

You need to use Person Days where each day counts as 1 for each person.

So a single day with 24 employees is a total possible of 24 Person Days. If the work week is 5 days, then the Total possible Person Days for the week is 120 (24 per day times 5 days).

Absent Person Days is simply the sum of days absent across all employees. If 3 people are absent in one day that’s 3 Absent Person Days. For a week, if 1 person is absent 3 days, another is absent 2 days and a third is absent 1 day, that’s 6 Absent Person Days.

The formula to calculate the % Absenteeism is then simple division adjusted for the period of time you are calculating for:

Total # Absent Person Days / Total # Possible Person Days

I hope this helps!!


That worked perfectly, Thank you very much.

I’m so sorry for the first inconvenient or problem that I had explaining what I needed.

An other question…
Is there any action that run automatically every day ? the purpose of it is to have that % with out need to fill any form


Where do you intend to view the result in your app?

In the app itself, I have a graphic to display that percent every day.

At this moment thanks to your information, I already calculated the %, but the user has to add a new form and save it.
After it, the app graph that information, what I’m trying to do is get the daily information automatically (if it’s possible)

Yes, it helped a lot, and actually that’s what now I’m doing, but I needed to know how to get the days that the employee is absent but I got it thanks to @Marc_Dillon

Thank you very mucho for your comment


Reports can be run at scheduled intervals.