Google Calendar do not Display Events

Hi everyone,

I’m beginning to use google calendar. I already add the new database and created the UX view, still… the calendar shows in blank although I have already created events in google calendar. The table is set as read only, I’m also in Colombia in South America… I don’t know if it has something to do with that.

Thanks for the help!

I do not think it is your location.

Can you provide a screen shot of your Calendar view definition and the Table definition you are using for the Calendar - if it the datasource for the calendar is a slice (like in my screenshot below) you’ll want to show the columns used in your calendar definition from the Table the Slice is based on.

Screenshot of Calendar View Definition

Table showing Scheduled Start/Scheduled End used in Calendar view

Thanks John!

Apparently I was missing to select End where End Date and End Time requires. That made the trick.

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