Google Drive issue affecting images

Hi folks,

We’ve seen a limited number of customers who have been impacted by a Google Drive bug; most likely this would present as images not loading in your app. We’re working with the Drive team to get it resolved.


Has this been 100% resolved?
I believe this is still happening here and there in some of my apps.

I think there is a related problem that if I replace one image with another via AppSheet, the older image still remains in the google drive almost never to be deleted nor recognisable by it’s cryptic file name.

Am I right?

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Yes. Deleting/Replacing an image only changes the text-path stored in the image column of your spreadsheet. It does NOT delete the original image.

AppSheet has no way to remove images from GDrive, only add them. So, yes, this will eventually leave behind lots of cryptically names, unlinked, and unused images.

A feature to delete images has already been request. You can vote for it here:


Last Night I had a bunch of Reports that did not include various images. I Re forced these reports todays with yesterdays data and everything was fine. Anyone else notice anything?

My problem is with Drawings.
This problem is affecting me for 3 weeks now. Not sure what’s going on. It’s intermittent. It’s not consistent. I think it has to do with google drive. If i search for drawing id in GDrive it’s showing two images with same ID. One that works and one blank.