Group Data by Month-Year and not Full Date

I want to group my data by month and not the full date. Please let me know a way as to how i can do that? Creating a virtual column doesnt work as the formula returns a Text For eg 1 for January, 2 for February etc…I feel this should have been a standard and easy feature but havent found a way yet!

Using the Month or eomonth formula returns month as a number and appsheet doesnt detect numbers as a date…

KIndly Help

Hi @AnujKhadria, and welcome to the community !

You may want to use a virtual column, with a combination of
SWITCH and MONTH([TimeStamp])

Something like:

SWITCH( MONTH([TimeStamp]),
   2, "february",

EDIT : forgot a comma



This is the formula i Typed and this is the error I am getting. Please Help.

Column Name is “Date” in my table.

Formula As Follows:-


Error as follows:-

SWITCH function is used incorrectly: Inputs to SWITCH() must be an initial expression, one or more value-result pairs, and a default result

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The last input is a default value.
No need to explicit 12 for december :slight_smile:

SWITCH (valueToTest,
   value1, result1,
   value2, result2, 

Please have a look to the link I provided above :wink:


This formula is working but i am unable to group by Month-Year.

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Good for the formula :+1:

For grouping, please navigate in the UX panel, and pick a view type that matches your expectations (Table, for example).

Then, choose the “Group by” option you want.
In your case, the month_year column.

If that answers your question, please remember to tick the post as “Solution” :wink:
Let us know if that works for you !


I already tried this but this still groups by Full Date!

Grouping by month should have been easier i feel, Shouldnt be so complicated, its so basic!

Can you please provide a capture of the view panel you are using, its result on the preview and the section of the Table where you set name, formula, show/editable/require etc for this column Month_year ?

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