Hello everyone! I am experiencing extremely d...

(Martin Todorovich) #1

Hello everyone! I am experiencing extremely delay when opening and saving

my app editing panel. Once it opens, I can edit with no delays, but until it opens and when saving, it takes for ever. My internet conection is of 25mb and it’s operating without problems. Is anyone having the same issue?

(JMI Labs) #2

We are having issues in our apps today as well.

I can only save simple changes, when we try to upload files through the app, everything hangs up.

Are the Appsheet servers having issues?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #3

Hi, this problem should have been resolved by now. Please let us know if the app editor is still slow for you.

(Anthony Nel) #4

Same Here - Timing out on a 20/20 mbs fibre link

(Anthony Nel) #5

Happening again today a at similar time to yesterday (around

5pm South Africa)

(Martin Todorovich) #6

Again? It’s turning hard to work like this. Could you please provide a stable solution on the short term? Thanks!