Hello, I am having issues woth a slice. I ha...

(Miranda Lubarsky) #1

Hello, I am having issues woth a slice.

I have a table, and I would like to make tao slices of the table so that for one job, I can have the employee subitting information about a job needing to be done, and then. Another employee submitting information about the job being completed.

All on one row.

I have made a slice and then a view/form from that slice, but it still shows all the fields in the table instead of only the ones I want to show.

Even thiugh I deleted those columns from the slice.


(Steven Coile) #2

You also need a table view for the slice.

(Miranda Lubarsky) #3

@Steven_Coile thanks steven.

I did that and it worked for one of the slices but not the other. Any other factors I should be thinking about?

The view is definitely set to pull from the slice. But still showing the last row I deleted from that slice and I have saved many times

(Steven Coile) #4

@Miranda_Lubarsky When you say, “deleted from that slice”, what do you mean? Was the row deleted from the underlying table?

(Miranda Lubarsky) #5

When in the slice, I deleted the column from being included in the slice (not the row).

(Miranda Lubarsky) #6

@Miranda_Lubarsky sorry, I had meant column before

(Steven Coile) #7

@Miranda_Lubarsky Again, today, it’d probably be easier for me to look than this back and forth with questions. From what you have described, I’d expect it to work.